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About The Director

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion.” - Jack Welch
Mangoes Industries Pvt. Ltd. thrives on the intellect, creativity and diligence of the fervent and zealous ambition of Ms. Monika Ailawadi. It is said that you don’t need eyes to appreciate and cherish the beauty of art, you need vision to create it. A commerce graduate with noteworthy diplomas in Fashion and Design, Ms. Ailawadi provides a perfect combination of rationale and innovation. Having worked for export houses for seven years, she decided to blend a concoction of commitment, honesty, vogue, experience, hard work and fabricated the finest venture. It promises excellence in quality and composition

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About The Company

Creating exquisite pieces since 2005, Mangoes Industries Pvt. Ltd. Is not just crafting products, we are embellishing each of our merchandise with magnifique elements that enchant your vision and imagination. We are devoted towards providing a picturesque home for your precious belongings. Own our wallets, cherish our purses, trust our travel bags and find joy in your possessions. The richness of our leather, the smoothness of our suede and the winsomeness of our jute will leave you mesmerised. We interlock the loops of yarn with prowness to yield the most exquisite crochet bags. The romance of creative fingers with colourful threads fabricate imperial embroideries. The design and practicality of our bags will leave you awestruck.
As we tread the graceful path to make your home serine, indulge in some of our creations and envision your dream aboard. Accessorize your couch with our exclusive cushions and adorn your tables with our chic covers. The fabric and the patterns are our forte. Our team has visions for classy home décor and we are committed to give a home to our innovations. We have integrated safety with style. Keep COVID 19 at bay, be gentle to your skin and make a fashion statement. Wear our eco-friendly and reusable masks and be kind to our
planet by being the fashion icon who cares. Our double ply cotton masks are certified by reputed laboratories to prove the safety and comfort that we claim.
We at mangoes believe to give back to nature what we procured. Our natural products is our answer to the damage that chemicals have contrived. The authenticity and humane sources of our leather is undisputed and finds its roots to our homeland as we are proud
proclaimers of ‘Made In India’.

We believe in community outreach and want to be the source of evolution to the tribals who have skills but need the opportunity to grow. Our impeccable line of cane bags proves to be the fruit of our compassion and the dedication of an NGO.
The Mangoes Industries stands out in the crowd for being the face that brings forth the products in vogue with the crème de la crème. Traditional and fairly unorthodox designs of our bags and accessories are timeless. We as stakeholders take pride in providing our customers with nonpareil consumer satisfaction. Give us a chance to be a part of your life and notice the difference that we exhibit through our business ethics.

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